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Since the creation of the Company in the early 50's, BIC has been dedicated to making everyday products that are available and affordable for everyone. Research and innovation are part of the BIC DNA.

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In Stationery, BIC continuously innovates state-of-the-art writing technology for consumers every year. The Stationery R&D Department is organized around two sections: design and ink systems. Unique in the stationery industry, components of BIC? products are developed internally, allowing BIC to have full control over the quality and reliability of the products it produces.

parts of a BIC? 4-Color?

BIC? 4-COLORS? 3+1

BIC developed a product that combines a mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen into one writing instrument. Through an advanced study of the internal geometry, the miniaturization and the precision of components allow this product to have the same dimensions of the original BIC? 4 Color? pen. The optimization and the reliability of the various functions were done with virtual models and simulations. The smoothness and ergonomic actuation to change the product from ball pen to mechanical pencil are the outcomes of long research on mechanisms.

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The BIC? Velocity mechanical pencil range offers new leads that deliver a smoother, darker writing experience. This innovation comes after two years of research that led BIC to find a well-designed formula for high-purity graphite. Through a unique manufacturing process developed internally, BIC can guarantee the quality of the millions of leads produced each year.

multiple color pens


By producing its own ball pen inks in its factories for more than 50 years, BIC has developed an expertise in inks and dyes chemistry. This knowledge allows it to create any new ball pen ink color. During the last two years, six new inks have been launched, making the BIC? ball pen color range the broadest on the market. Among the different ink colors, gold has one of the most innovative formulas. 

Colored bodies of lighters


In lighters, new product development, as well as product and process innovation, are strictly controlled to ensure the safety and quality of each lighter throughout its lifetime. Product development is supported by several patents and model applications.

Colored bodies of lighters


Through BIC's unique zinc alloy die casting process, 400°C (752°F) liquid metal is injected into high-precision molds. The zinc alloy forms the lighter's fork, cheeks and spark wheel, which is the subassembly that generates spark from flint, and the jet, which is a moving part of the valve that controls fuel flow. The unique manufacturing machines developed by BIC allows it to guarantee parts molded down to the hundredth of a millimeter. 

Colored bodies of lighters


BIC uses one of the strongest plastics in the world - Delrin?, a polyacetal homopolymer made by DuPont de Nemours. This high-tech crystalline resin is resistant to ruptures, impacts and high temperatures, and is used to produce the lighter's body and base, with high-tech molds that are developed by BIC. 

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In Shavers, research is organized around multi-disciplined development teams responsible for the blade, design, engineering, packaging, quality and industrialization. There are 15 to 20 new products (from line extensions to new product launches) designed each year and BIC uses internal and external panels of experts to evaluate and validate product performances. BIC also benefits from partnerships with top universities and research labs.

head of a razor


The moveable blade technology in BIC? Flex razors, the result of years of research, provides amazing shaving comfort. The blades are spring-mounted and move independently from one another to follow the curves of the face and body precisely. The pressure is evenly distributed on the skin to reduce irritations and cuts, providing an ultra smooth and close shave.

head of a razor


Thanks to the five moveable blades that distribute and absorb the pressure on the skin, BIC? Flex 5 delivers an ultra-smooth and close shave. The razor's patented head features a precision-edging blade that can reach tricky spots, such as side burns and the area under the nose. Its uniquely designed ergonomic handle has a metal sphere that adds balance and weight for enhanced shave control.  

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In Advertising and Promotional Products, BIC has a long history of developing simple and long-lasting products to meet consumer needs. BIC relies on a global sourcing team committed to researching both distributor and end-user requirements. Improving and developing new printing technology is also part of BIC's quest to differentiate itself from the competition.

BIC? 4-color?


BIC Graphic Europe has developed an app that allows customers to preview how their logo will look on a pen! They can also try out various color options available on 10 pen families through BIC's Mix & Match technology.

image of a BIC britepix leaflet


Advertising and promotional messages can now be imprinted in full color with photographic quality, producing a durable, vibrant imprint that ensures lasting impressions of a logo, image, or message. Thanks to digital technology, personalization also available on many items.

"We foster a culture that is open to change and innovation, but one thing that will never change is our obsession with product quality."
Bruno Bich

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