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Career opportunities are continuously opening at BIC in different functions throughout the world. With the Sustainable Development involvement of its team members, BIC always looks ahead to overcome new challenges. The company believes that a team of people from different cultures will keep its mind open to new opportunities.

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Research & Development

As a member of the BIC R&D team, you will contribute in the development of new products that reflect BIC’s history of quality, simplicity, ingenuity, reliability and value for money. You will utilize and champion the latest product & innovation technologies in developing new products for our consumers.

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At BIC, you will use your creativity and ingenuity to lead the organization into the future.   BIC marketers will strengthen our world renowned brand and continue to drive strong results by developing strategic marketing plans, creating breakthrough advertising and launching game changing innovation.

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Supply Chain & Customer Service

Your contributions to the business will help BIC achieve its Vision. This means ensuring the availability of affordable products for everyone, everywhere, every time. We work towards this objective with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

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You will contribute to our goal of constantly improving the Value for Money of all BIC? products. In other words, you will explore supply market opportunities and will implement sourcing strategies to make sure our products are built with the highest quality, at the best cost and come with the most advanced technology in a sustainable environment.

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You will be part of the BIC manufacturing community, contributing to the production of 30.9 million products every day that meet BIC's quality and price standards.

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You will contribute to the continuous improvement of the BIC standards for high quality and reliability, based on our slogan: “right first time, every time.”

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“A BIC? seen, is a BIC? sold!” This slogan summarizes the main goal of our sales force. Our brand must be present and visible in all sales outlets to ensure our business continues to grow with partners, customers and consumers.

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Your work will help guarantee accurate financial results and develop tools that support effective decision making and business analysis.

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You will enable the development of the BIC business while protecting BIC's assets and rights, and ensuring that business practices are secure.

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Information Technology

You will help to strengthen our business with modern, high-performing information systems and best-in-class information technology services.

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Human Resources

You will support the needs of our business by maintaining BIC's engaged and talented workforce. At BIC, the Human Resources team aims to attract, retain and develop talented employees. Our training entity, “BIC University,” created more than 10 years ago, is a key factor in developing the full potential of our team members.

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Sustainable Development

You will contribute to making sustainability a core part of BIC's strategy. 

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